This half-day, small group workshop covers forgiveness — when to forgive (and when not to), forgiving others, and forgiving ourselves.

A range of religious traditions have long advocated for the spiritual practice of forgiveness. And recent research has shown that forgiveness — the letting go of anger and blame — has an array of positive benefits for individuals (and communities); we are able to connect better, suffer fewer health problems, and become happier people.

In this workshop we will utilize guided mediation, 12-step practices, and discussion to become free from the weight of our resentments and to move towards a happier and more connected life. Participants will develop tools and practices that can be used in daily life and have access to an ongoing online support group.

9:00 am to 1:00 pm
September 22, 2018
376 Colusa Ave, Ste 2
Kensington, CA 94707
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