Spirituality is about being deeply connected with ourselves, with others, and with something greater – something that is transcendent or sacred to us. It could be god, or the force of love and compassion in the world, or something else entirely.

Spirituality begins in doubt…

If you can list a lot of things that you think are total B.S. about religion and spirituality, great! It’s a good place to start.

…continues in exploration…

Together we can identify the thoughts, experiences, and beliefs that might block you from accessing your spirituality.

We can discuss and imagine ways you can cultivate your spirituality and develop ongoing practices that can sustain and transform your work in the work. We can explore what gives your life meaning and how those values are expressed (or not expressed) in your relationships and your professional life.

…and can transform our lives and our communities.

How do your beliefs, practices, and longings affect your action in the world? Where are you deeply called? How can you sustain yourself?

Spiritual direction can help you identify and cultivate a connection with whatever feels sacred to you — whether that is the force of compassion/love, nature, god, or something else. It can also be an opportunity to think deeply about what really matters to you and assess whether your work in the world, your relationships, and your commitments are in line with that.

I can share tools with you that you can use to develop resiliency, cultivate inspiration, and keep your sense of humor when things get challenging (or just pretty annoying).