1. Are you going to try and convert me?  Nope. I don’t care if you have a religion or not. I don’t care if your higher power is the ocean or Yosemite or your dog. I also don’t care if you don’t have a higher power. I do care about you finding what works for you.
  2. What is spiritual direction anyway? Basically, we’ll talk about how you experience your spirituality, explore questions you have, possibly try different spiritual practices, and try to unravel those things that get in your way. You can read more about it here.
  3. Can we meet on-line? Yes! Online meetings are preferred. I use Zoom for these meetings and we can schedule those following an initial consultation.
  4. What does it cost?  I offer a free telephone consultation to answer questions you may have.  The rate for a 50-minute session is sliding scale — $75-$150 per session — you can choose what feels manageable for you. Please contact me if this in unaffordable to you, especially if you are a student or unemployed.